Our view

O’Brien Lighting is a creative and visionary, full service illumination design studio. We believe in the power of light to transform the built environment as, in the classical narrative, the creation of light transformed the universe

We are not afraid of the dark. It is our blank canvas

What we can do for you

Whether we are dealing with task, ambient, or guidance lighting in a functional sense, or mood, decorative or accent lighting in an aesthetic sense, we provide the fundamentals for the most effective lighting solutions in either commercial or residential settings, indoors or out.

From the initial concept to the final implementation, our work incorporates the following essential characteristics:

• Emotionally and physiologically pleasing and inspiring, enhancing space through shadow, form, color and texture.

• Technically fine tunes for photometric accuracy, brightness intensity and distribution control, utilizing state-of-the-art luminaire sources and systems.

• Environmentally sensitive, efficient and sustainable.



1. Concept Generation

• Perform alternative feasibility and program analysis.

• Create, in conjunction with the extended consultant team, a schematic design approach to maximize special impact and enhance architectural and interior design features.

• Provide 3D digital visualization images and mock-ups illustrating conceptual design effects.

2. Design Development

• Support of the planning process with detail configuration, AutoCad and Revit documentation, fixture selection, distribution and specification, control equipment and systems integration.

• Energy code compliance verification, budget analysis, value engineering and competitive bidding negotiation, as well as cost effective product and equipment procurement.

• LEED certification for energy conscious green design.

• Custom fixture design.

3. Construction Administration

• Hands-on field coordination with architects, designers and contractors to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

• RFI clarification via integrated construction program management systems.

• System optimization through fixture aim and adjustment

• As-built evaluation and documentation

4. Additional Services

• Peer reviews

• Cost effective field solutions for existing deficient lighting systems